Quell midday hunger pangs with our richly diverse lunch menu, from light bites of bruschetta, quiches and salads, to premium plates of paninis, filled baguettes and gourmet deli selections.

Our baguettes are baked on-site, made from a careful blend of artisan flours for a pillowy-soft dough and a golden, gently-cracking crust. And the fillings? The choice is entirely yours, but always fantastically fresh.

For the particularly peckish, our assiettes are piled high with beautiful colourful antipasti; think plump tomatoes, zingy cornichons, roasted peppers, cured meats and fine cheeses. For those who prefer a warmer lunch, our perfect paninis are lightly toasted and stuffed with a wide range of fresh, authentically-sourced ingredients.




pesto, tomato, red onions {v}
goats cheese, onion chutney, rocket {v}
smoked salmon, cream cheese, lemon and pepper
rillete, chutney, cornichons {v}


1/4 baguette filled
{up to 3 items excl. premium fillings}

1/4 baguette filled
{with premium fillings}

1/2 baguette filled
{up to 3 items excl. premium fillings}

1/2 baguette filled
{with premium fillings}


cumbria {bacon, sausage, cheddar}
copacabana {tuna sweet corn and emmental}
parma {mozzarella, pesto, parma ham} 
verona {pastrami, blue cheese, mushrooms} 
roma {mozzarella, roasted veg} {v} 
panama {italian ham, sunblush tomatos and mozzarella}  
barcelona {goats cheese, chorizo, red onions} 
louisiana {chicken, sunblush tomatoes and pickled onions} 
mexicana {roast pork, applewood cheddar,
chilli chutney, sunblush tomatoes and pickled onions} 

create your own {3 items} 


quiche & salad {greek & potato} 
pastry & salad
croque monsieur & salad {v}
greek salad {v}
mediterranean salad
pasta salad
seafood salad
smoked salmon salad

build your own salad with a base


{ham, turkey, pate with salad}

{parma ham, salami, chorizo, salad}

{tuna and sweet corn, anchovies, seafood salad with salad}

fromage {v} 
{selection of three cheesed and bread served on a cheese board with garnish}

mezze {v}
{selection of mediterranean antipasti from our deli served with olives bread and salad}

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