Nestled along the Park Langley promenade, Parc Franglaises has been part of Beckenham’s independent café culture for over a decade, serving a menu inspired by the simple sophistication of the continent.

Since 2016, it has been run by two sisters, Janki & Roma, who have revitalised the well-loved local delicatessen with their unique vision and dedication. Coming from the world of luxury interior architecture and design, Janki combines designer know-how and business savvy to run Parc Franglaises from behind-the-scenes. Ruling front of house, Roma draws on her extensive fine food and gourmet product knowledge, as well as experience in exciting new cuisines to give our customers an exemplary drink and food experience.

As an independent and local eatery, we pride ourselves on our personal touch. From bespoke customer requests, to sourcing favourite cheeses, to special menus designed to make the most of seasonal flavours and ingredients,

A carefully-chosen team all bring a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’, working together to create a reputation for incredible quality, understated luxury and fine cuisine.


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